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Razor clams
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  • Razor clams
  • Razor clams

Razor clams

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An easily recognisable bivalve mollusc found in most markets, although largely not from Galicia and of inferior quality. The razor clam inhabits shallow seabeds, buried in the sand, and is extracted by shellfishers on foot on the beaches or through freediving.

The Galician razor clam has a firm and tasty meat. It’s usually grilled, with coarse salt, or even a dressing of oil, garlic, parsley and a few drops of lemon.

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The razor clam (ensis ensis) inhabits shallow seabeds, buried in the sand, where it digs vertical burrows. In the markets, you’ll find razor clams of Galician origin as well as others imported from Holland or Ireland, though these usually contain sand and don’t reach our markets with the same freshness as native catches.

It’s a bivalve mollusc, whose valves have a shiny yellowish surface that appears varnished. The valves are elongated, with a very characteristic arched (razor-shaped) shell.

Generally, razor clam is the name given to two bivalve molluscs that, although very similar, are different species. One is the razor clam itself and the other is called a pod razor. The characteristic that most easily differentiates them is the shape of their shell, which for pod razors is completely straight but for razor clams is slightly curved. Both are of high quality and abundant in our estuaries.

Their nutritional properties are very similar to those of the mussel, providing a good amount of minerals including calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, and, above all, iodine. They’re also a rich source of vitamins A, C, E and B (B1, B2, and B12), all essential for the proper functioning of our body.

The razor clam stands out for its firm and extremely tasty meat. They’re exquisite grilled along with some coarse salt. If you want a little more seasoning, you can make a dressing of oil, garlic, parsley and a few drops of lemon and pour it over the razor clam just before eating.

Grilled and removed from their shell, they can also be enjoyed with a well-seasoned escabeche.

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