At Mariskito, we offer a wide variety of cephalopods of Galician origin. Among them, you’ll find the king of Galician cephalopods, the octopus.

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Enjoy the best selection of cephalopods without have to leave the comfort of your home. Buying your fish online allows you to savour the best of Galician seafood in a more convenient way: from the Galician fish markets to your table in 24 hours.

In our online shop you’ll find octopus, squid, cuttlefish, baby cuttlefish... All delivered to your home with maximum flavour.


Buying white fish online at Mariskito not only saves you time, ordered from the comfort of your home, but we can also help you with its preparation, and we make the cuts with the smallest members of the family in mind, as white fish comes highly recommended for children’s diets: in fillets, loins and slices.

Remember that our fish can be frozen, as being so fresh it’s great at maintaining all its properties. We also pack each piece of white fish individually to maintain quality and freshness. We prepare your order the day before your chosen delivery date, from Tuesday to Saturday in the Spanish Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.


The octopus is the “star” of the cephalopods.

Its entire body is used as it has no bones or shells, it’s all meat. This meat is of premium quality and offers a multitude of health benefits, providing omega-3 and -6 unsaturated fatty acids, a large amount of protein, vitamins A, B, B2, B3, and also calcium.

Squid, along with its half sister the cuttlefish, stand out nutritionally for their mineral content (potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and iron) and small amounts of vitamins: vitamin A, B3 and B12. It’s the perfect food for balanced and healthy diets. Recommended for people with diabetes and gluten intolerance.


Cephalopods are fresh if their colour is pearlescent or soft pink with a lot of shine. The flesh is firm, moist and soft. Once cooked, they offer an authentic taste of the sea for the palate.

Squid is very versatile when it comes to cooking. It can be added to stews, eaten in rice dishes, fried, grilled, enjoyed in its own ink... They inhabit the seabed, but in their breeding season they tend to come close to the coast, making the summer months the ideal time to enjoy this delicacy from the Galician coasts.

Cuttlefish is the other great protagonist of cephalopod gastronomy. They live on the seabed, where they can camouflage themselves among the sands thanks to their incredible ability to change their appearance and colour in the face of potential predators. You’ll find it goes by a variety of name across Spain: sepia, jibia, chocos, chopitos.

There are estimated to be at least 650 species of cephalopods. All of them are marine creatures, but we already know the three most popular.

Cephalopods have three hearts: two of their hearts pump oxygen-depleted blood to their extremities, and the third carries oxygenated blood to their organs.