At Mariskito, we always look for the best. Every morning, we select the best pieces of fresh Galician fish in the primary Galician fish markets. We always bet on traditional fishing methods and marine sustainability.

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At Mariskito, we offer the best selection of fresh fish online, have no intermediaries, and bring food straight from the Galician sea to your home in 24 hours. For more than fifteen years we’ve been your trusted online fishmonger, selecting the best fish from the main Galician fish markets, including hakesea basssquid and salmon.

These packs, featuring your favourite Galician fish, are designed to make your weekly dinners easier.

Remember that we pack the fish clean and individually in vacuum bags, preparing the order in your favourite cut and following the directions you can leave us in the notes box the day before the delivery date. All designed to make the cooking process easier, so all you have to worry about it enjoying it.


Buying fresh fish in our online shop not only saves you time and unnecessary travel, but we can also help you with its preparation. If you prefer, we can deliver fish whole and clean, or in fillets, loins or slices.

On each fish product page, we list our customers’ favourite ways to have their fish delivered and the best way to enjoy each of them. You just have to tell us your favourite cut in the notes box, we take care of everything else! 

Remember that our fish can be frozen, as being so fresh it’s great at maintaining all its properties. We also pack each piece of fish individually to maintain quality and freshness. Every order is prepared with care the day before your chosen delivery date, from Tuesday to Saturday in the Spanish Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.


 The Galician coast is known for its great clean waters, which is what makes our fish, shellfish and algae so precious. All our wild fish is fresh and caught in the early hours of the morning before the order is prepared, one day before delivery, so that you can take advantage of all its properties. 

Save time buying quality fish online, from the comfort of your home. 

The Galician coast is rich in a wide variety of fish that provide multiple benefits to our health. Buying fresh Galician fish is the best way to eat healthy fish full of flavour.


The amount of fat influences the external colouring of the fish, and we can classify the fish according to its content:

Oily fish (otherwise known as blue fish) contains more than 5% fat.

White fish contains less than 2% fat.

Both fish are rich in vitamins, minerals and high-quality protein, but there are some nutritional differences.

In Spain, the most-consumed fish is undoubtedly hake. Closely followed by anchovies, sardines and salmon.

The Spanish and the Portuguese consume the most fish in Europe. In Spain, the communities that consume the most fish are Galicia, Castile and León, Cantabria and the Basque Country.