Sole with asparagus, mushrooms and dill sauce

Sole with asparagus, mushrooms and dill sauce


- Sole, 400 g (4 units.)

- Olive oil (60 ml)

- Carrot (120 g)

- Courgette (100 g)

- Salt

- White pepper

- Dill sauce

- Asparagus and mushrooms for the filling


Steam or boil the cut carrot and courgette in salted water. Heat the oil and cook the sole until golden on both sides. Once cooked, season with salt and pepper and remove the central spine, preserving the fillets and their original shape. Fill the sole with the asparagus and mushrooms, add the asparagus halves and close the sole, then place in a baking dish and regenerate it. Heat the sauce and plate up the sole with the carrots, courgette and dill sauce.


Method - Asparagus and Mushroom Filling


- Butter (40 g)

- Shallots (100 g)

- Asparagus (16 units.)

- Mushrooms (250 g)

- Flour (10 g)

- Cream (300 ml)

- Philadelphia cream cheese (80 g)

- Salt

Heat a pan, add the butter, brown the chopped shallot, add the cut mushrooms and part of the asparagus, reserving 12 halves but adding the rest to the filling. Cook for a few minutes, add the flour, cook for 2 more minutes, add the cream, bring to a boil, then add the cream cheese. Add salt and pepper, cook until you get a thick texture and good flavour.


Method - Dill Sauce


- Cream (200 ml)

- Philadelphia cream cheese (120 g)

- Fresh dill (2 sprigs)

- Salt

Heat the cream, add the cheese, chopped dill and season, then cook until you get a sauce-like texture, but don't reduce it too much or it will curdle and the components will become very fatty. If this occurs, add water and a little flour or starch.