Salmon with sole, prawns and mushrooms

Salmon with sole, prawns and mushrooms


- Sole, 400 g (2 pcs.)

- Salmon loin (400 g)

- Peeled prawn (80 g)

- Salt

- White pepper

- Prawn and mushroom sauce


Place the fish and seafood in a steamer, season with salt and pepper, and cook for about 2 minutes. Serve the prawn and mushroom sauce very hot, and place the fish and seafood on top of the sauce.


Method - Prawn and mushroom sauce


- Small alistado prawns (200 g)

- Olive oil (40 ml)

- Onion (100 g)

- Carrot (70 g)

- Garlic (2 cloves)

- Brandy (20 ml)

- Tomate frito, fried tomato sauce (35 g)

- Sweet paprika (5 g)

- Flour (12 g)

- Bay leaf (1 leaf)

- Salt

- Clean, seasonal mushrooms (200 g)

Sauté the prawns in the oil, remove when golden brown, add the finely chopped onion, brown it and add the halved garlic and diced onion, sauté everything, add the brandy, reduce, add the paprika and flour, leave for a few seconds, add the tomate frito, evaporate the liquid, add the bay leaf, add half a litre of water, cook gently for about 10 minutes, strain, bring to the heat again, then reduce until you get your desired flavour and texture.

Sauté the mushrooms with oil and add to the prawn sauce, cook for 2 minutes, then remove and set aside.