Prawns with avocado and modena vinaigrette

Prawns with avocado and modena vinaigrette


- Prawns (36 units)

- Avocados (4 units)

- Endives (120 g)

- Spinach sprouts (12 g)

- Maldon sea salt

- Modena vinaigrette


Cook the prawns in salted water, then cool with water and ice. Peel and cut the avocados and arrange on the plates, add the endives and spinach sprouts, place the cooked prawns around them, then add the vinaigrette and Maldon salt.


Instructions - Modena vinaigrette


- Olive oil (100 ml)

- Modena vinegar (35 ml)

- Salt

- Ground white pepper

Add the vinegar, salt and ground white pepper to a blender and blitz. Add the oil little by little until the mixture is fully emulsified. Set aside.