Hake and prawn carpaccio

Hake and prawn carpaccio


- Hake loins (450 g)

- Prawns (8 pcs.)

- Salt

- Lemon (1 pc.)

- Ground white pepper

- Extra virgin olive oil (50 ml)

- Red chard leaves or similar (40 g)

- Maldon sea salt


Peel the prawns, remove the intestine, season with salt and pepper. Cut the hake loins like a book, add salt and a few drops of lemon and fill with the prawns, then roll up in cling film, squeeze and shape into a cylindrical shape. Freeze or semi-freeze.

Add olive oil to the bottom of the plate, cut the semi-frozen carpaccio with a knife, or in a slicer if available, and place on top. Once covered, add plenty more oil, the leaves and Maldon salt.