Red mullet and clams with red piperrada and panada verde

Red mullet and clams with red piperrada and panada verde


- Red mullets (4 pcs.)

- Large clams (8 pcs.)

- Onion (100 g)

- Choricero pepper (2 pcs.) / piquillo pepper (4 pcs.)

- Garlic (2 cloves)

- Olive oil (40 ml)

- Tomate frito, fried tomato sauce (40 g)

- Water (500 ml) / Salt

- Red piperrada / Panada verde


Heat the water, remove and hydrate the choricero peppers.

Finely chop the onion and sauté in the oil, add the garlic, allow the aroma to develop, add the tomate frito, and then cook for a few minutes. Remove the peppers from the water and spoon out the pulp, add the pulp of 2 peppers, set aside the rest. Add water and cook for a few minutes, blend, strain the sauce, then season with salt.

Clean and remove the red mullet loins, dry on kitchen paper, place on a plate and cover with oil, heat a non-stick pan and brown on the skin side, turn and brown on the meat side, then remove and put into an oven dish lined with oil. In the non-stick pan and using the same oil, add the clams, while they open, add the Panada to the skin side of the red mullet and bake for 2 minutes to toast a little and develop the aromas.

Heat the piperrada sauce and pour it over the plates, then arrange the red mullet and clams on top.


Method - Green Panada


- Breadcrumbs (40 g)

- Parsley (3 sprigs)

- Basil (1 sprig)

- Chervil (1 sprig)

Remove the leaves from the herbs, add them to a food processor with the breadcrumbs, and blitz.

Keep it covered to preserve the aroma and green colour.