Red sea bream in seaweed brine with samfaina

Red sea bream in seaweed brine with samfaina


- 2 Red sea bream (of 800 g)

- Olive oil (40 ml)

- Brine (1 L. water + 100 g salt + 1 g wakame seaweed)

- Extra virgin olive oil (15 ml)

- Parsley (1 sprig)

- Samfaina


Heat the water, add the seaweed (wakame, kombu, nori, etc.) and salt, take out after 1 minute and drain, then leave to cool. Once the brine is cold, submerge the red sea bream fillets, leave for 5 minutes, remove and dry on kitchen paper until completely dry, cover the red sea bream with oil, roast in a pan or grill on its skin side, then when golden and crispy turn and finish cooking. Heat the samfaina and plate up, place the roasted red sea bream on top, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, and add a few parsley leaves.


Instructions - Samfaina

- Onion (150 g)

- Garlic (2 cloves)

- Red pepper, 1 unit.

- Courgette, 1 unit.

- Aubergine, 1 unit.

- Vine tomato, 3 units.

- Olive oil (40 ml)

- Sunflower oil (200 ml)

- Flour (70 g)

- Fresh thyme (1 sprig)

- Bay leaf (1 leaf)

If possible, burn the pepper skin on the kitchen stove, turning it until it's all burnt. This can also be done with a blowtorch. Once cold, remove the skins with the help of a little water, wetting just enough to preserve the smoked flavour. Cut the onion and fry in the oil until golden brown, add the minced garlic, then the chopped pepper, and cook for a few minutes. Blanch the tomato in water