Salted gilt-head sea bream with lemon oil

Salted gilt-head sea bream with lemon oil


- Gilt-head sea bream, 500 g (4 units)

- Water (50 ml)

- Mashed plantain (60 g)

- Cassava (40 g)

- Sunflower oil (200 ml)

- Chives (8 sprigs)

- Olive oil (60 ml)

- Lemon juice and zest (2 units)

- Coarse or fine salt (2 kg.) / Dill + tarragon + thyme + rosemary + etc.


Make a lemon oil with the lemon zest and juice, let it mature for a few hours and strain. Moisten the salt with the water, fill the eviscerated gilt-head sea bream with the fresh herbs, cover with the salt and bake at 200ºC for 14 minutes if they're farmed and 17 minutes if they're wild. Cut the plantain and cassava into strips, fry in the oil and season. Once the time has elapsed, remove the salt and clean the fish. Plate up with the chips piercing the mash, the sole fillets and drizzle with the lemon oil. Garnish with chives.


Instructions - Mashed potatoes


- Potato (300 g)

- Water

- Salt

- Fresh thyme (1 sprig)

- Garlic (1 clove)

- Virgin olive oil (60 ml)

Peel and cut the potato into cubes, cook in salted water with the thyme and garlic clove, then once cooked remove the water, garlic and thyme, drain, mash with a fork, add the oil, and season.