Red lobster and parsley salad

Red lobster and parsley salad


- Red Lobster (2 pcs.)

- Fresh egg pasta (250 g) 

- Mango (1 pc.)

- Pear (1 pc.)

- Courgette (1 pc.)

- Carrots (2 pcs.)

- Coloured lettuce     

- Parsley    

- Fresh chives, salt, vinegar and virgin olive oil


Cook and peel the lobster, then set aside. Cook the fresh pasta and set aside.

Meanwhile, chop and cook the vegetables, and mix them with the chopped fruit and chopped fresh pasta. Add salt, vinegar and oil.

Take an attractive bunch of parsley and cover it with virgin olive oil, add it to a food processor, then blend and strain.

Plate finish:

Add the pasta, fruit and vegetable mix to a mould as a base, add the coloured lettuce on top, followed by the filleted lobster.