Grilled turbot with dressed potato purée

Grilled turbot with dressed potato purée


- Turbot fillets (800 grams)

- Pre-cooked bread (1 pc.)

- Sunflower oil (100 ml)

- Olive oil (2 tbsp.)

- Salt

- White pepper


Cut the pre-cooked bread into very thin slices and fry in sunflower oil, then remove, place on kitchen paper and set aside. Coat the turbot fillets with oil and roast on the grill or in a pan, then remove and season. Plate up the purée and the fish, and pierce the fried bread into the purée.


Method – Dressed potato purée


- Potato (300 g)

- Water

- Salt

- Fresh thyme (1 sprig)

- Garlic (1 clove)

- Virgin olive oil (60 ml)

- Sliced Recebo ham

Peel and cut the potato into cubes, cook in salted water, then drain and mash with a fork. Grate the broccoli tips, heat the oil and brown the grated broccoli. Make oval shapes with the mashed potatoes using two spoons, coat with the grated broccoli, and keep warm.