Bonito del norte white tuna with red escabeche

Bonito del norte white tuna with red escabeche


- Bonito loin, 180 g (4 pcs.)

- Salt and ground white pepper

- Olive oil (150 g)

- Chopped onion (1 pc.)

- Dried garlic cloves (4 pcs.)

- Chopped carrot (1 pc.)

- Bay leaves (4 pcs.)

- Thyme (one sprig)

More ingredients in the description below.



- Whole black pepper (1 teaspoon) / Ground smoked sweet paprika (1 tablespoon) / Smoked hot paprika (1 teaspoon)

- Mineral water (220 ml)

- Wine vinegar (60 ml)

- Xtakoli white wine (80 ml)

Bonito in red brunoise vegetable escabeche - Method

Season the loins with salt and pepper, heat the oil, fry until golden brown, then remove and set aside on kitchen paper. In that same oil, brown the garlic, add the chopped onion and carrot, cook for a few minutes, add the bay leaf, thyme and black pepper, cook for a few more minutes, add the two paprikas, sauté, then add the water, vinegar and white wine. Cook for 3 minutes and add back in the fried loins, then cook over a low heat for about 5 minutes. You can leave it to rest or plate it up with the marinade garnish.