Stuffed beef shank roasted au jus

Stuffed beef shank roasted au jus


- Beef shank 200 g (4 units.)

- Olive oil (80 ml)

- Salt and ground white pepper

-Onion (300 g)

- Diced carrots (150 g)

- Peeled garlic cloves (6 units.)

- Crushed ripe tomatoes (170 ml)

- Red wine (150 ml)

- Seasonal mushrooms 120 g + 120 g

- Fresh rosemary

- Chicken broth (approx. 1.2 litres)


Heat a pan, add oil and sauté 120 g of seasonal mushrooms, season with salt and pepper, cook for a few minutes, then remove and chop. Cut the shank lengthwise to get 200-gram portions, open them a little lengthwise, fill with the sautéed mushrooms and season with salt and pepper. Close and tie with string. Heat a pan, add oil and brown the beef shank, set aside and then add the chopped onion to the same pan. Cook for a few minutes, add the carrot and garlic, cook until golden brown, add the crushed tomato, cook until reduced by half, add the red wine, reduce until syrupy, then add the fresh rosemary. Add enough chicken broth to cover, then cook over low heat until the meat is tender. Remove and, once the meat is cold, take off the string. Strain the sauce and reduce until thickened, add starch if necessary. Heat a pan, add oil and then the rest of the mushrooms, then sauté until cooked.

Once the meat is cold, cut into medallions and cover with the sauce.

Method - Filling


- Stewed beef shank

- Pumpkin (100 g)

- Asparagus (4 units.)

- Courgette (80 g)

- Piquillo chillis (4 units.)

- Garlic glove (1 unit.)

- A few sprigs of fresh parsley

- Salt and ground white pepper

Heat salted water and cook the chopped courgette, then set aside cold water to stop cooking. Do the same with the asparagus and pumpkin. Heat a pan, add oil and the minced garlic, brown, add the vegetables, sauté briefly, and then add the minced parsley.

Regenerate the meat with sauce and plate up with all the pieces in harmony.