Salmon tartare with sprouts and caviar del tíbet

Salmon tartare with sprouts and caviar del tíbet


- Fresh salmon, well cleaned (300 g)
- Avocado (1 pc.)
- Small spring onion (1 pc.)
- Small pickles in vinegar (2 tsp.)
- Capers (1 tsp.)
- Alfalfa sprouts to decorate
- Tin of Caviar del Tíbet, 50 g (to taste)
- Pan de cristal glass bread or similar (400 g)


Ingredients for the dressing:

- Worcestershire sauce (1 tsp.)
- Soy sauce (2 tbsp.)
- Sesame oil (1 tsp.)
- Olive oil (1 tbsp.)
- Lemon juice (1 tbsp.)
- Salt and black pepper


1. Cut the salmon into very small squares with a knife. Put in a bowl.

2. Also chop the avocado, spring onion, gherkins and capers to the same size. Mix together with the salmon.

3. Prepare the dressing in another container, mix everything well and add to the tartar bowl.

4. Mix gently so that all the flavours come together.

5. Place the tartare on the glass bread, then add the sprouts and caviar to taste.

6. Serve immediately.