Hake with iberian ham and smoked vegetable chips

Hake with iberian ham and smoked vegetable chips


- Hake, 1.5 kg (1 unit.)

- Vegetable chips

- Sliced Iberian ham (160 g)

- Olive oil (40 ml + 60 ml)

- Olive purée or tapenade (4 tablespoons)

- Salt

- White pepper


Cut the fins, scale and gut the fish, then wash and dry it. Remove the fillets and cut into portions. Season with salt and pepper and wrap in the slices of ham, cover with 40 ml of oil, then place on a baking tray and bake at 170°C for about 14 minutes or until the inside of the fish is cooked. Plate up with the vegetable chips, crown with the fried leek, and then add the olive purée or tapenade reduced with 60 ml of oil.


Method - Vegetable Chips


- Purple potato (1 unit.)

- Fresh beetroot (1 unit.)

- Courgette (1/4 unit.)

- Leek (1 unit.)

- Olive oil (400 ml)

- Smoked salt

Peel the beetroot and potato and cut finely with a mandoline, then leave the slices in cold water with ice. Wash and cut the leek finely with a knife, then also leave this in ice water. Wash the courgette and slice it with the mandoline, but don't put this one in water. Dry all foods, pass them through the flour, then fry separately and in batches. Once crisp, remove and place on kitchen paper to dry any excess oil, then season with smoked salt.