Cuttlefish with black risotto

Cuttlefish with black risotto


- Cuttlefish (6 pcs.)

- Olive oil (6 tbsp.)

- Onion (1 pc.)

- Minced garlic cloves (2 pcs.)

- Crushed and sieved ripe tomato (3 pcs.)

- Squid ink (2 bags / 5 g)

- Arborio rice (360 g) / Fish broth (1.5 L.)

- Carrot (1 pc.) / Chopped parsley

- Salt and ground white pepper


Heat the oil in a pan and add the chopped onion, cook until caramelised, add the minced garlic, and then cook until golden.

Clean the cuttlefish and cut 2 out of 6 of them into small cubes, add to the sauce and cook until golden, add the tomato, then cook until reduced. Add the ink sachets and stir.

Add the rice and fry a little, add the fish broth in batches, stirring the rice so that it releases starch and becomes slightly creamy. While doing this, cook a few carrots in salted water and roast or sauté the cuttlefish. One minute before removing them, add the garlic and chopped parsley, after the minute, remove and season.

Plate up the rice with cuttlefish and carrot strips on top.