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A flat, white fish that’s found on sandy seabeds at medium depths. It’s known for its fine, white meat and delicate flavour. How you cook it depends on its size; small pieces of sole best floured and grilled, larger ones are better when baked in the oven. Much of what you’ll find on the markets comes from France and Senegal, but the quality is incomparable to the sole caught in Galician waters.

Normally, we send our sole whole and clean, with only the largest suitable for filleting. We can also remove the skin and you can request it be vacuum packed.

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Sole (solea solea) lives in the sandy seabeds of the eastern Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. It’s fished on the Atlantic and Cantabrian coasts during the first months of the year.

A flat fish, it has an asymmetrical body, small eyes and mouth, rough scales, and a tiny whisker on the nose. The side of the eyes is brownish or greyish brown, with irregular dark patches. Both the dorsal and anal fins are almost attached to the tail by a membrane. The lateral line of the sole is straight and runs along both sides of the body.

Sole is a low-fat white fish, perfect for low-calorie diets and those who want to reduce their cholesterol levels. It’s a lean meat that’s rich in amino acids, B vitamins (B3 and B9 or folic acid) and minerals (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iodine and iron). These are all essential elements for proper bodily function. 

The most common weight is normally 300/400 g (per portion), but they can also weight up to around 1 kg. It’s known for its fine, white meat and delicate flavour. The small portions are usually lightly floured and grilled over a high heat. The big fish, although also excellent simply grilled, can be cooked in the oven or filleted.