Red meat fillet with wholegrain mustard

Red meat fillet with wholegrain mustard


- Red meat fillet of 180 g (4 units.)

- Mash potatoes with olives

- Crispy cheese

- Honey and soy sauce

- Wholegrain mustard (4 tablespoons + 4 teaspoons coffee)

- Olive oil (4 tablespoons)

- Salt and ground black pepper

- Chard leaves


Spread the mustard over the fillet and let it rest for a few hours. Heat a pan, add oil and roast the fillet over a moderate heat, then remove and season. Regenerate the purée and sauce, plate up and add the crispy Parmesan cheese,  chard leaves and wholegrain mustard.


Method Potato purée with olives


- Potatoes (300 g)

- Water

- Salt

- Fresh thyme (1 sprig)

- Garlic (1 clove)

- Virgin olive oil (60 ml)

- Black olives (60g)

Peel and cut the potato into cubes, cook in salted water with the thyme and garlic clove, then once cooked remove the water, garlic and thyme, drain, mash with a fork, add the oil, and season. Pit the olives to add to the purée

Method - Crispy Cheese


- Freshly ground Parmesan cheese (80 g)

Spread the cheese in a thin layer over a tray lined with silicone or parchment paper, bake at 170°C for 5 minutes, remove from the oven and cut into triangles, or as you like, put it back on a baking tray and bake at 170°C for 4 more minutes. Remove once golden and set aside.

Method - Soy and Honey Sauce


- Honey (2 tablespoons)

- Soy sauce (120 ml)

- Rice vinegar (1 tablespoon)

- Sesame oil (1 teaspoon)

- Ground ginger (a pinch)

- Starch or flour

Heat a saucepan, add the honey and caramelise, add the soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil and ground ginger, reduce to taste and thicken with starch or flour.