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One of the favourite seafoods of the most discerning palates.

Prawns are the only seafood to which salt is added after cooking, mixing it well and allowing them to cool so that they take on a uniform flavour. Due to their delicacy and low resistance out of water, we always send them cooked with that characteristic red colour.

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The prawn (palaemon serratus) is common in shallow sandy and rocky areas with an influx of algae.

It’s a crustacean with a near-transparent body and dark bands on the abdomen. The head has lines that run longitudinally and obliquely, and are also present on the abdomen, but shorter and more transverse.

Prawns are a rich source of vitamin D, which regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, both essential for good bone health. It also has a high omega-3 acid content, which helps prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s.

We generally recommend sending them pre-cooked, as it’s a very delicate product, that dies and spoils in a short period of time when taken out of the water.

The unique characteristics of the prawn mean it requires very little cooking. Simply submerge them in boiling water with a bay leaf, wait for half a minute from when the water starts to boil again, then quickly transfer them to a container with ice and salt. They can be taken out after just a few seconds. While in the salty ice water, you should stir well to ensure all the prawns cool and take on the flavour. This is the best way to ensure they’re shiny and firm-fleshed.