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Farmed turbot

€26.50 Kg
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Pieces range from approx. 1.8 to 2 kg. A white fish that’s often found on the market, but that differs from the wild variety through the colour of its skin and the absence of its hard lumps.

Recommended for 5–6 people. 

The most popular ways to order turbot are the following:

  • Clean and whole, to be cooked in the oven with salt.
  • Or clean and cut to your liking.

Don’t miss our recipes section for instructions on how to make delicious dishes like this: Grilled turbot with potato purée.

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Selecciona Quantity
1.7 Kg
1.7 Kg x €26.50 / Kg = €45.05

Farmed turbot (Psetta maxima) differs from the wild variety through the different greenish tones of its body and the absence of its characteristic hard lumps. Logically, the wild variety is of higher quality and thus more highly valued.

The Turbot has a flat body that’s diamond-shaped, asymmetrical and almost circular. It’s covered with hard lumps but without scales. It blends in with its environment. Generally greenish-brown in colour, it has numerous spots, a whitish belly and a large mouth. Its eyes are very small and found on the left side of its body.

Turbot is an easily digestible semi-fatty fish, recommended for digestive disorders and weight loss diets. Nutritionally, it provides a good number of minerals (phosphorus, magnesium and potassium) and vitamins (B2, B3, B9 and B12), especially vitamin B9 (folic acid), which it provides in greater quantities than other fish.

Due to the high quality of its meat, it’s best to handle it as little as possible in the kitchen, meaning it’s perfect grilled, roasted whole in the oven, boiled, or steamed. It can also be delivered in fillets, but it maintains its properties better whole.