Grilled clawed lobster with japanese yuzu

Grilled clawed lobster with japanese yuzu


- 4 Clawed lobsters (500 g)

- Olive oil (40 ml)

- Salt

- Yuzu

- Chopped parsley, 2 units.

- Cherry tomatoes, 8 units.

- Chard leaves

- Lemon, 1 unit.


Remove the claws from the lobsters and boil in water with 10% salt, 6 minutes for the smaller claws and 8 minutes for the large claws. Once finished, cool in cold water with ice. Remove, dry and then crack and remove the shells. Once clean, reserve the meat. Open the lobsters in half, remove the intestine and stomach, season with salt and pepper, and cover with oil. Heat a pan or grill and roast first on the flesh side, once seared and browned turn and roast on the shell side, then once cooked place on a baking tray along with the claws, add the chopped parsley, a dash of oil and yuzu (this is a Japanese citrus fruit found in most Asian supermarkets), bake for 3 minutes. Once baked, plate up, and add some tomatoes and leaves to add even more freshness and a touch of colour.