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Large velvet crab

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As with other species, the Galician velvet crab is usually distinguished from others from the Cantabrian sea, France and Great Britain. Although they don’t have the same reputation as those from Galicia, they are also of excellent quality.

A kilo of our large velvet crab is made up of about 6 or 7 pieces. It’s usually eaten boiled, although grilling it is becoming popular, as is adding it to seafood rice dishes. Remember that when cooking them, they lose around 15–20% of their weight.

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The velvet crab (Necora puber), from France or Great Britain, lives on seabeds near the coast and can be found between rocks and stones close to rafts up to a depth of 70 metres. As with other species, the estuary velvet crab is normally differentiated from those from France or Great Britain.

The velvet crab is a decapod of the crab family. Their shell is hexagonal in shape, dark brown in colour, and covered with velvet-like hairs. It has five pairs of legs and two claws, which are larger on males, with dark lines on the legs.

The velvet crab, like most shellfish, is usually boiled, which unlocks its intense flavours. They should be put in hot water if dead and cold water if alive. In both cases, the best way to boil them is in seawater with a small bay leaf, or failing that, in water with plenty of salt. Boil them for around 7 minutes, then remove and leave to cool.