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Organic langostino prawn

€39.00 Kg
Tax included

Between 30–35 pieces per kilo. Langostino prawns of exceptional quality, cultivated in Madagascar in compliance with the necessary standards for organic farming certification: marine feed and vegetable origin, and no pesticides, growth hormones or chemical fertilisers.

The product is frozen at source at a maximum time of 30 minutes from being caught. You can choose to have it delivered raw and cooked.

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0.5 Kg
0.5 Kg x €39.00 / Kg = €19.50

The organic langostino prawn (Penaeus monodon) from Madagascar meets all regulations for Organic Farming certification and to be sold in all EU countries. The entire production cycle of the Organic Langostino Prawn is fully subject to official organic farming standards, resulting in an exceptional product with the guarantee that no pesticides, growth hormones or chemical fertilisers, that alter the natural qualities of the product, have been used.

Moreover, the farms are built on vast untouched expanses, fed by the pure water of the Indian Ocean, where the organic Organic Langostino Prawns are fed on marine and vegetable feed, also certified as organic. At the end of their growth process, which takes around 6 months, the Organic Langostino Prawns are transferred from the fishing platform to the freezing shed in a maximum time of 30 minutes and at a temperature of less than 5 C, which is the ultimate guarantee of maximum freshness and product quality. It should be noted that the transport used is designed for fresh products, so we can’t guarantee that the langostino prawns will arrive at their destination frozen.

There are many and varied ways to enjoy this seafood. The most popular methods, however, are to cook it along with sauces, or to grill it, simply with olive oil and salt.