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Brown crab

€42.00 Kg
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Pieces of approx. 800 g to 1 kg. The brown crab is one of the most widely consumed crustaceans in Spanish gastronomy. Characterised by its two strong claws, its weight can range between 500 g and 1.5 kg. Its appearance changes depending on the sex: females have a larger abdomen, while males have larger claws.

It loses approximately 20% of its weight in the cooking process, so keep this in mind if you order it cooked.

Selecciona Quantity
0.5 Kg
0.5 Kg x €42.00 / Kg = €21.00

The brown crab (Cancer Pagurus) is a large decapod crustacean that inhabits rocky seabeds 1 to 30 metres deep, hiding between cracks in the rocks or burying itself in the sand. Its strictly carnivorous diet of crustaceans and molluscs gives it a unique and intense flavour.

It has a smooth, oval body, wider than it is long, and is reddish brown in colour. It has two strong claws on its first pair of legs and usually weighs between 500 g – 1.5 kg, although it’s known to reach over 3 kilos. The abdomen of the males is less bulky than that of the females, but their claws are much larger.

The brown crab is nutritionally rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals (iodine, selenium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium and iron) and B vitamins (B2, B6, B9) essential for our body’s development.

Simply cooked, it’s a delicious dish, with the best meat on its front legs. To boil it, add plenty of salted water to a pot, then submerge it once boiling. With the crab inside when the water starts boiling again it will take around twenty minutes to cook. Once cooked, remove it from the water and place it in a container with ice. 

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